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Online courses and workshops

Emma Newham offers industry accredited fitness courses and workshops that lead to recognised qualifications. So, whether you are looking to start a new career in the exercise industry or if you are an existing fitness professional and wish to learn new skills via our continuing education courses, the flexible study options will integrate easily with your existing schedule.

200 Hour Online Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course

Internationally Accredited Online Yoga Teacher Training

This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course has been granted accreditation by Yoga Alliance International. This course will not only give you the practical skills required to teach group yoga sessions with confidence, but you will gain a broad perspective and understanding of the true nature of yoga and the science and philosophy behind this ancient, sacred art.

The course covers a variety of techniques including: over 100 asanas, 20 pranayamas, 9 mantras, 21 mudras, 12 meditations, as well as anatomy and physiology. In addiiton, you will gain a broad understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga. Spread over 26 units, this course covers basic to intermediate yogic practices to cleanse the body and purify the consciousness.

This practical course will give you a detailed, structured approach to the learning and teaching of Yoga and how to progress clients from the basic fundamental poses right through to the more advanced postures and sequencing them into a coherent, flowing session, that includes asanas, pranayama, mantra and meditation.
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Pranayama - Yoga Breathwork Techniques Course

Yoga Breathing Techniques

This comprehensive yoga breathwork course has almost six hours of video content alone, covering 30 different breathing techniques, including the classical Kumbhakas as listed in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Taking you from the basics of Conscious Breathing to Pre-Pranayama Exercises up to the classical Pranayama Techniques, with the application of breath retention and yoga bandhas.

There are practices which will energise and fire up the body and others which will have a cooling effect. Many techniques involve cleansing and purifying the system, whilst others involve sound and mantra. Also included are practices which will soothe the mind, reduce stress and anxiety and calm the nervous system. We will explore the effects on the body and mind of the introduction of different rhythms into the breath cycle.
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